Frequently Asked Questions

In the traditional sense, Private Label means taking a product with a stock formula, in stock packaging, and just adding the customer's logo and contact information to it. The same exact product is offered to anybody who wants it, which is why extremely low minimums are possible. We do not believe in this type of Private Label because everybody gets the same product and there is no uniqueness to the products. 

Custom Private Label starts with a stock formula and then that formula is customized according to different specifications. The end result is a product that is still custom, but the time from start to finish is less, and the development cost is also less. 

Contract Manufacturing is the process of making a product under a customer's unique specifications. The customer might already have a formula for the product, or the project could be starting from just an idea and needs to go through a development phase. 

We have some of the lowest minimums in the industry. The actual minimum will depend on the type of product, but it could be as low as 1 Gallon. Let us know what kind of product you're looking for and we'll let you know what the minimum quantity is. 

Because every product is made to order, there is no price list. The cost will depend on five main factors: 1) the formula itself (including the ingredients selected), 2) the type of packaging (the bottle, cap, pump, etc), 3) the type of decoration (labels, silk screen, hot stamping, etc), 4) the unit size, and 5) the number of units. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll prepare a quote for you. 

Absolutely! Most of our customers don't have a formula to begin with, but we can still help. We have plenty of formulas to get your project started, and we can even create one just from you. You can bring us an idea, a product you like, or just a list of ingredients, and that's enough to get started. 

Absolutely! You have an excellent head start. After signing an NDA, we can start working on creating samples from your formula. If you want, we can also work on improving it, or on reducing the cost. 

This really depends on many factors. It could be just a few weeks or several months. It depends on whether you want to start with a stock formula, or whether we're developing a formula from just an idea. It also depends on how far along you are with the brand identity, setting up a company, website, distribution, and many other aspects that are not necessarily product-related, but they still affect the project timeline. 

As long as the packaging is compatible with our machines and our process, you can choose any packaging you want. We have many different stock packaging options, we can have packaging customized for you, or you can purchase your own packaging and have it sent to us. 

Absolutely! Make sure to send us a sample before you buy them to check for compatibility, but more likely than not, the labels or packaging you buy will be compatible with our equipment. 

Every product has a different list of ingredients. We also have similar products with different ingredients to accommodate different budgets. We can also add ingredients to help you promote your product, or even remove ingredients to make sure you can make the "free of ..." claims you want to. 

Then we don't need to use them in your product. There are many other alternatives, including natural and non-toxic ingredients. 

Organic might mean different things to different people. To us, it means being able to show that when you say organic, you really mean it, and you can prove it. Our facility is certified to three different organic standards, and that allows us to make products under different specifications. But when we say organic, we mean it, and we can prove it!

You can definitely export the products we make. We can help you obtain the necessary documents that you will need to properly register the products with the local health authorities. 

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