Mcilpack specializes in providing its clients with exactly the products they are looking for to make their dream project come true. Whether the product you are looking for already exists, doesn’t exist anymore, or only exists in your imagination, we will help you create and develop this product and bring it to market. We’ve helped many of our clients when they’ve come to the realization that selling somebody else’s products is not always in their best interests. It takes the same amount of time, money and effort to sell another brand’s products, but it is not nearly as profitable. We can also help you when you realize that selling products under your own brand name is the best way to go.
With outstanding quality control procedures at all stages of the development and manufacturing process, we products that can rival any mainstream brand. Our production minimums are lower than industry standards, which allows us to serve even clients who are just starting out. With competitive prices for all of our products, and formulation procedures that can suit any budget, there is sure to be a product that is right for you.
How we can help you:
If you have an idea for a product or package, we will help you develop the formula and manufacture the product. We can also help with the design and artwork of the package, labels and promotional materials.
If you have the formula, we can evaluate it to improve the quality and/or lower the cost. We’ll provide you with samples to make sure the product matches your benchmark before going into production.
If you have the product ready for production, we can manufacture and package it, delivering the finished product ready for distribution.
You can also choose from one of our stock formulas. They can be customized to fit your needs and expectations, giving them your unique touch.
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